Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting - Low Fence Hunts

Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting - Low Fence Hunts

Long known for its Trophy Whitetails, Texas offers some of the best opportunities to harvest a trophy buck in the nation. First Shot Outfitters offers 100% free Roaming and fully outfitted trophy whitetail hunts as well as management whitetail buck hunts, cull buck hunts and whitetail doe hunts.  We manage several large ranches within The Lone Star State with prime whitetail habitat, set up ideally for hunting monster whitetails.

For over 15 years, owner Mike has taken great pride in his strict management of these low-fence hunting ranches. When hunting with us you will reap the benefits of his superb land management program. Whether you are looking to fill your freezer with venison or hang that trophy whitetail buck on the wall, First Shot is the Best Outfitter in the great state of Texas. The quality and abundance of expertly managed, native habitat make this the perfect hunt for you to harvest the trophy whitetail of a lifetime!

Trophy Deer Hunts Texas

Two Types of Texas Hunting

Spot-and-stalk- A favorite for hunters who like to be on the move this hunt can prove to be faster and more productive. Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping harder than the opportunity to sneak in on an unsuspecting buck with the spot-and-stalk method.

Stand Hunting - We offer many pre-scouted hunting blinds for the hunter who enjoys the solitude of a stand hunt. When the time is right, during the rut, our experienced guides are known to rattle bucks right in to the hunter. Don't have the zip like you once did once did? Don't worry we offer great deer blinds to harvest your trophy buck!

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Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages

Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages

Book your Whitetail Hunt with First Shot Outfitters, we'll take good care of you no matter what type of hunting trip you seek, whether it be a fully outfitted trophy whitetail buck hunt, management buck hunt or even a cull or doe hunt. You are sure to see quality trophy whitetail deer and have a great hunting adventure on large free ranging ranches with First Shot. Due to our intense management program we are proud to be able to offer some incredible whitetail deer hunting opportunities to you. In Rut Trophy Whitetail Buck hunts are limited so contact us today to book your hunt!

What's Included

What's Included:

  • Meals served are good home cooked, made from scratch desserts and quality ranch style meals. Some all time favorites are Mike’s mesquite grilled Rib eye steak with beer bread and honey butter and Monica’s balsamic glazed pork loin and herbed mashed potatoes, chocolate chip cookies, pies or an almond layered bread pudding w/amaretto sauce.
  • Professional Guides are equipped with All Terrain Hunting Rigs that carry hunters. Each guide will have iced beverages and snacks on the truck.
  • First Class Lodging at one of our 4 lodges
  • Shells, Liquor & Wine are not provided.
Management Whitetail Hunts

Management Whitetail Hunts

At First Shot Outfitters, we offer hunters the opportunity to harvest a quality buck that does not break the bank. Our management whitetail hunts are fully guided and all-inclusive hunts with an affordable price point.

What is "low fence" Whitetail Hunting?

A low fence or free-range whitetail hunt means you're hunting animals that are moving naturally through their habitat. We manage large ranches in whitetail habitat - but they are not high fence whitetail ranches. A low fence does not change a deer herd's natural movement; they still have access to their full habitat range despite the fences used for agricultural animals.

More About Management Hunts



Trophy Whitetail Buck Hunting

  • $5,875 per hunter - 4 Days/5 Nights
  • An additional trophy fee of $2,500 for bucks over 148"

Management Buck Whitetail Hunting

  • $3,275 - $3,475 per hunter depending on location - 2 Days/3 Nights

Whitetail Deer Meat Hunt

  • $1,575.00 per hunter - 2 Days/2 Nights

Whitetail Hunting - 2 Days/2 Nights for 2 Does

  • $975.00 per hunter  - Minimum of 6 Hunters
  • $1,275 per hunter - 5 or Less Hunters
  • Additional doe can be bought for an additional $200

Whitetail Doe Day Hunting

  • $300 per hunter per day plus a $200 guide fee
  • Additional doe can be bought for an additional $200
  • No lodging or meals are included

Trophy Texas Whitetail Video

Looking for a Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt that is close to Dallas Fort Worth, Houston or Austin Texas?

First Shot Outfitters is headquartered in North Central Texas in Coleman County just south of the rolling plains country also considered West Central Texas. Coleman is less than a three hour drive from Austin, Midland, Lubbock and the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex, and five hours from Houston.

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