Guided Mule Deer Hunts in Northwest Texas

Guided Mule Deer Hunts in Northwest Texas

Although famously known for our Texas whitetail hunts, First Shot Outfitters is proud to offer the same level of excellence in our guided mule deer hunts. With over 33,000 acres of beautiful mule deer habitat in Northwest Texas near Matador, an area known for its quality mule deer, our free range hunts are an amazing opportunity to harvest an exceptional Texas mule deer buck.

Trophy Mule Deer Buck in Texas

Mule deer buck at the bottom end of our trophy scale

Trophy Mule Deer Hunts

A trophy mule deer buck in our area is a buck that scores 150 inches or more. A buck this size alone is a great trophy in anyone's book, but the excitement that comes with hunting in our area in Northwest Texas is the possibility of coming across a true once-in-a-lifetime buck. Although never common, the Matador area is known to hold 200 inch mule deer and, at the very least, offers hunters a very realistic chance of taking a buck in the 180-200 inch range. 

Trophy Mule Deer Package

Our Texas trophy mule deer hunts are 3 day hunts with 4 nights of lodging in our brand new, luxury hunting lodge with amazing views of the rolling West Texas hills. Our rates are based on a sliding scale depending on the size of buck that you harvest. If you are interested in learning more, we welcome you to reach out to us.

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Management Mule Deer Buck in Texas

Mule deer buck at the top end of our management scale

Management Mule Deer Hunts

A management mule deer buck in our area is a mature buck that scores 150 inches or below. Many people might consider a buck this size to be a trophy, and in our opinion, any mature mule deer buck is. By following intensive management practices and only harvesting bucks that are 6 years or older, we have been able to see incredible growth in our mule deer population that allows us to offer management hunts for bucks of this calibre. 

Management Mule Deer Package

Our management mule deer hunts are 2 day hunts, with 3 nights of lodging in our beautiful new Northwest Texas hunting lodge. There is no sliding scale on our management hunts, so our pricing is the same across the board. If you are looking for a more affordable guided mule deer hunt, this package is a great option that allows you to experience the sand hills of West Texas in a budget friendly way. Contact us for pricing.

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